Dead Men Tell No Tales, or “The Russians Are Dying!”

Ambassador to India
Jan. 26, 2017, died in New Delhi, India
Established Links to Trump: Unknown

Kadakin.jpegJust the Facts: Ambassador to India, Aleksandr Kadakin, reportedly “passed away” in a hospital “after a brief illness.”

Remaining Questions:
• There remains very little information in public documents regarding the cause of Kadakin’s death. Some news sources report “a brief illness,” while others name “heart failure” as the cause of death. No Russian news sources or official Russian statement has revealed: a) the illness; or b) the hospital where Kadakin died. 

Official Cause Of Death: “Heart Failure” (per Russia’s state news agency)

Additional Death Information: See “Additional Death Information” on the heart attack gun under Sergei Krivov.