Dead Men Tell No Tales, or “The Russians Are Dying!”

1. MIKHAIL LESIN (age 57)
Former Aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin
Nov. 5, 2016, died in Washington, DC
Official Cause of Death: Blunt Force Head Trauma
Established Links to Trump: Unknown

Just the Facts: The former aide / press mimister to Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Lesin, was found dead in his room at the upscale Doyle Dupont Circle Hotel. His autopsy report indicated death not only from head trauma, but also from “blunt-force injuries of the neck, torso, upper extremities and lower extremities.6f406f2a-52d9-4c33-93b4-8f7fa81f2b39.jpeg

Remaining Questions:
• The Russian media originally stated in a public notice that Lesin had died of a “heart attack.”

• Although Lesin’s body was badly beaten, a law enforcement source stated that there was no indication in the room of foul play, including damage to the room or it’s furniture.

• Although the Cause of Death was listed as blunt force head trauma, under the entry for Manner of Death, the medical examiner wrote, “Undetermined.” In other words, it could not be deterined exactly how Lesin received so many injuries that led to his death.

• In 2014 it was discovered that Lesin had “secretly purchased three multi-million dollar mansions in Los Angeles (one for himself, one for his son Anton Lessine, and one for his daughter Ekaterina Lesina) at a cost of nearly $30 million. He and his family also purchased at least 8 luxury vehicles, at a cost of more than $1 million, including a $250k Bentley and a $300k Ferrari. It was also revealed that Lesin had invested tens of millions of dollars through anonymous corporations into the production of Hollywood blockbusters, including the Brad Pitt thriller The Fury.”

• At the time of his death, Lesin was under FBI scrutiny for money laundering. Exactly why Lesin was in Washington remains a mystery, although some have speculated that he had gone to Washington to cut a deal with the FBI. But before he could do so, he was murdered. This is certainly a possibility, “Lesin certainly would have had a lot to say about Putin’s inner circle—he worked with, and reportedly owed money to, some of the most powerful men in Russian media and finance” (The Daily Beast).

Official Cause Of Death: Blint Force Head trauma / Murder(?)