Dead Men Tell No Tales, or “The Russians Are Dying!”

3. PETR POLSHIKOV (age 56)
Senior Diplomat, Russian Foreign Ministry
Dec. 19, 2016, died in Moscow, Russia
Established Links to Trump: Unknown

Petr Polshikov.jpgJust the Facts: Russian senior diplomat/chief advisor in the Latin American division of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Petr Polishikov, was murdered in his Moscow apartment by a single gunshot wound to the head (although two shell casings were found at the scene). The murder weapon was found under the sink in his kitchen. He was killed sometime in the early morning.

Remaining Questions:
• Polishikov’s wife was reportedly in the next room when her husband was murdered, but she was unharmed. She has since been moved into protective custody and is “safe,” according to Russian officials. Her whereabouts, however, are unknown. And she has made no public comments.

Polshikov.jpg• On December 20, when contacted by for a comment about Polishikov, a Kremlin spokeswoman said “they had never heard of an official by that name. ‘We don’t know any official with this name,’ she told ‘We haven’t seen anything about this in the Russian news either, and so we have no statement to make about it.’”

• Polishikov was murdered several hours prior to the assassination of Andrev Karlov (see next entry).

Official Cause Of Death: Murder