Dead Men Tell No Tales, or “The Russians Are Dying!”

7. IGOR SERGUN (age 58)
Colonel-General / Military Spy
Jan. 3, 2017, Lebanon 

Established Links to Trump: Unknown

Igor Sergun.jpegJust the Facts: Colonel-General, Igor Sergun — the head of Russia’s secretive GRU military intelligence service and the Deputy Chief of the armed forces General Staff — “died unexpectedly,” according to a short statement posted online by the Kremlin. The statement failed to mention Sergun’ cause of death, as well the location of his death. His sudden demise occured just weeks after he allegedly went on a secret mission to Syria. EU intelligence sources say he was sent to meet President Assad. Putin’s official spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, has denied any such mission.

Remaining Questions:
• Russia’s Ministry of Defense has refused to give any information on exactly how, or where, he died.

• On Jan 6, the American-based global intelligence company Stratfor reported that Sergun actually died in Lebanon. This report was later confirmed by the Lebanese media outlet Ya Libnan, which stated that Sergun had been killed during a “complicated secret mission” involving “several Arab and Middle Eastern intelligence agencies.”

Official Cause Of Death: Unknown