Dead Men Tell No Tales, or “The Russians Are Dying!”

8. ANDREY MALANIN (age 54)
Senior Russian Diplomat
Jan. 9, 2017, died in Athens, Greece  

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Just the Facts: Senior Russian Diplomat (head of the consular department at Russia’s embassy in Greece), Andrey Malanin, was found dead in his apartment, on the floor of his bedroom. The discovery made by a member of the Russian Embassy, who went to Malanin’s apartment after he failed to show up for work.

Remaining Questions:
• Malanin lived alone in a secure Russian-embassy owned apartment building on a heavily guarded street. There were no signs of forced entry (police found the door locked from the inside), no evidence of a struggle, and no visible injuries on the body.


Official Cause Of Death: “Natural Causes” (per Russian officials)

Additional Death Information: See “Additional Death Information” on the heart attack gun under Sergei Krivov.