Speaking Out Against Terror

Many Muslims, including leaders and social activists, have spoken out forcefully against today’s extremist perversion of Islam. Some Muslims have written well-researched articles and books, carefully explaining why terrorism is incompatible with Islam. muslim-americans-2-300x225.jpgOther Muslims, in addition to writing books/articles, have released public letters of condemnation against all terrorists, whom they say are perverting Islam (see “International Coalition of Muslim Scholars Refute ISIS’ Religious Arguments in Open Letter to al-Baghdadi“). 2F207DD700000578-3348743-image-a-10_1449454204488.jpgSome Muslims have even lectured publicly at conferences, town hall meetings, colleges/universities, and via online radio programs, believing that educating the public might stop potential converts from joining the Terrorist’s ranks. A significant number of Muslims—community leaders, Imams, and Muslim activists—have even made videos and done TV/podcast interviews in hopes of reaching terrorists and convincing them to stop the atrocities they commit, which are against Islam. And finally, come Muslims have banded together to create websites dedicated to explosing the lies, hypocrisy, crimes, and unbelief, deception, and mishandling of Islam by ISIS and other terrorist (e.g., see islamagainstextremism.com).IslamAgainst Extremism.jpg

Unfortunately, an ongoing problem is that those joining ISIS and other terrorist groups are not particularly religions, according to intelligence source (e.g., MI-5 [Britain]). They are, first and foremost, criminals (see “ISIS recruiting violent criminals“). In fact, “[f]or all of its professed piousness, new research shows that the majority of the terrorist group’s recruits have criminal histories. . . . [O]f the jihadis examined for the study, two thirds had not just a criminal history, but a violent history. In European countries where the figure is known, more than half of Isis fighters were previously known to the police. It gives criminals a moral justification for doing what they have always been doing — only now they will go to heaven.”

This is NOT Islam. Islamist terrorism/extremism is criminal behavior by those who have co-opted Islam as a pious mask for their burning hatred, political goals, blood lust, and evil desires.

The ten videos on the next two pages typify the many varied ways Muslims have publicly condemned, refuted, and criticized today’s Islamist terrorists/extremists and the their perversions/abuses of Islam (and the Koran). As a note of explanation, many of these statements use the word Khawarij (or Khawaarij / Kharijites) to describe today’s terrorists. This term refers to an early sect of Islam. It was deviant and its members were perverters of Islam. These Khawarij used Islam as a means of fulfilling their own sinful desires and justifying their evil deeds. They were individuals who had utterly forsaken the community of Muslims. Muhammad reportedly said that these Khawarij could recite the Quran as good as anyone else, but that their words meant nothing to them; the words were meaningless. Their quoting of the Koran and all their prayers and worship was just false piety. He actually called them “dogs of hellfire.”

This is how today’s majority of Muslims see  groups like ISIS, Al-Qeada, and other Terrorist/Extremist groups that claim to be followers of Islam. Nevertheless, rabid anti-Muslims (e.g., so-called “Christian,” Pat Robertson, who’s made many false prophecies such as declaring that God told him Mitt Romney was going to be president) have continued to claim that moderate Muslims have not condemned Islamist terrorists. This is simply a lie. And from a Christian perspective, spreading such false information breaks the 9th Commandment — “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” (Ex. 19).

I’ve watched dozens of videos online by Muslims desperately trying to stop the spread of today’s Islamist-Terrorist cult by condemning their actions and refuting their false teachings (Note: In the first video, the angry language used by this Muslim against terrorists is R-rated. I include it because it plainly shows that many Muslims feel just as angry, frustrated, and horrified as non-Muslims feel over the heinous crimes against humanity being commited by Islamist terrorists/extremists.)